• Two sisters (Bailey and Jade) both played basketball at UNLV. Jade is still currently playing there. One brother who is still in high school.

  • I have a 2-year-old puppy named Proxy who is a boxer mixed with a Pit.


  • When I am not playing basketball, I enjoy making tik-toks and walking my dog.

  • I grew up playing basketball and volleyball but when I got to high school I decided to stick to basketball.

  • My family and I have moved 8 times and have lived in Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan and a few more.

  • I did an internship with Nike in the summer of 2020 working with the global run team.

  • In the future, I hope to play basketball as long as possible and then I want to work with Nike, Arizona Athletics or open up a dog bordering place with my mom.